The Leading Gypsum Tiles Company in Pakistan

In the hushed whispers of a dream, you envision a space that hums with the melody of your personal style. In Pakistan, United Gypsum transforms this dream into a perfectly functional space. Rather than simply offering flooring and wall covering solutions, United Gypsum directs a symphony of design exploration, innovation, and unparalleled customer service, ensuring your dreams come to life. 

Be it the contemporary refinement of a wooden backsplash or the timeless appeal of faux Italian marbles accentuating a grand foyer, our Smart Tiles create a space that resonates with your individuality and signifies your vision board. In the following paragraphs, we will highlight the core aspects that define United Gypsum and solidify our standing as the leading tile company in Pakistan.

Smart Tiles: Redefining Functionality and Aesthetics

Beyond simply delivering exquisite interior design components, United Gypsum’s Smart Tiles represent the pinnacle of practicality and innovation. A fire-resistant gypsum core ensures safety in every setting, be it commercial or residential. 

Moreover, these tiles are available in the following two variants, each boasting a unique feature:

1. Vinyl Lamination

Smart Tiles with this feature offer a multitude of design possibilities. From antique embossed finishes to dynamic abstract patterns, vinyl laminate tiles enable incredible visuals that can complement any interior design theme. Furthermore, the vinyl layer offers a surface that is sturdy yet simple to maintain.

Various textures and finishes can be featured in vinyl lamination, mimicking the appearance and texture of natural materials like wood or stone. This makes it possible for homeowners and designers to create a refined aesthetic without having to deal with the expense or maintenance of original materials.

2. Foil Backing

This tile feature prioritizes functionality, particularly for upper floors vulnerable to scorching summer weather. The foil backing can reflect thermal radiation, thus keeping the spaces cool and comfortable. It also functions as a vapor retarder, limiting moisture accumulation and subsequent adverse effects.

A Legacy Etched in Excellence

  • Commitment to Quality 

Since its founding in 1989, United Gypsum has carved out an unparalleled niche for itself in the Pakistani tile industry. Our name has now become synonymous with the best tiles in Pakistan, known for their transformative potential. This has been possible mainly due to a profound awareness of the dynamic design trends and idiosyncratic requirements of the Pakistani market.

Quality, Loyalty, and Innovation are intrinsic to everything we do. Over the years, we have consistently pushed the limits, cementing our position as a go-to source for homeowners, architects, and interior designers seeking to create spectacular settings. Our dedication to excellence makes sure that each Smart Tile is a masterpiece capable of bringing your vision to life.

  • A Canvas of Innovation


    • State-of-the-Art Production

United Gypsum’s dedication to innovation is the driving force behind our success. Our state-of-the-art production processes operate with the latest technological advances, ensuring a consistently high-caliber output. Every step in the production process, from the selection of raw materials to innovative production processes, is expertly organized to yield the best tiles. 

    • A Symphony of Safety and Style 

Besides going above and beyond for visual appeal, we also place a high value on safety and functionality. Our Smart Tiles come in two incredible variants to complement your vision, both featuring a fire-resistant gypsum core for safe and sound spaces. You can select from the vinyl laminated type, available in several designs such as printed and embossed, to complement any interior theme. Alternatively, you can opt for the foil-backed type, which is perfect for upper floors exposed to heat since the foil reflects thermal radiation and retards vapor. These best tiles enable you to attain both safety and aesthetics without compromising either.

    • Embracing a Sustainable Future 

Being the best company for tiles in Pakistan, United Gypsum proactively approaches sustainability in the current age of ecological awareness. The adoption of sustainable raw materials and ecologically sound manufacturing techniques have established us as a responsible leader in this sector. Nowadays, many property owners strongly identify with the cause of a greener future for Pakistan. You can be certain that you’ve made a conscious choice for the environment when you collaborate with United Gypsum to design your space.  

Harmonizing Vision Boards with Exceptional Customer Service 

  • A Personalized Design Journey

Your interior design vision deserves to be brought to life. Our design consultants are remarkably skilled and passionate about assisting clients in accomplishing their design dreams with the best tiles. A professional team will provide one-on-one consultations, guiding you through the vast Smart Tile selection so you can choose the ideal pieces to complete your design.

  • Visualization Tools 

United Gypsum offers digital product catalogs as an extension of our customer service. Our user-friendly website makes it possible for you to explore your design concepts before making a purchase, delivering a straightforward and hassle-free experience.

Inspiring Design Enthusiasts Through Creativity

  • Collaborations that Inspire 

United Gypsum’s pursuit of excellence extends far beyond our in-house expertise. Our proactive approach involves forming commercial partnerships and collaborating with globally leading brands. EMAAR, CPEC, Pearl Continental Hotels, and CMH Lahore Medical College are just a few prestigious projects on which we have had the privilege to collaborate. Through our partnerships, we strive to remain at the forefront of emerging trends and offer Smart Tiles that incorporate cutting-edge technologies and global architectural trends. By bringing visions to life, these projects demonstrate the versatility and appeal of our products. 

  • Interactive Displays at the Build Asia Expo

Build Asia Expo 2017, which took place in the Karachi Expo Center, is one of the industry events in which United Gypsum actively participated. Such displays offer a valuable forum for creating awareness among the Pakistani people regarding the rich attributes of gypsum products. We promote the adaptability, sustainability, and fire-resistant properties of gypsum through informative talks and interactive exhibits. We are committed to delivering top-notch products as well as cultivating a conscious and adept clientele within Pakistan’s construction sector.

  • Celebrating Pakistani Design Heritage

Pakistan’s phenomenal cultural heritage continues to serve as a wellspring of creativity for interior designers across the world. Recognizing this potential, United Gypsum seeks to improve Pakistan’s prominence in the international tile and interior design sphere. We do more than simply introduce international flair to Pakistan. Rather, we collaborate with local interior designers and architects to create innovative architectural products. This enables us to produce collections that embrace the latest trends while honoring our classic architectural heritage.

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority!

At United Gypsum, your satisfaction is our foremost priority. Our extensive service ensures peace of mind for years to come. Visit our website right away to explore the pioneering frontier of our flagship products, including Smart Tiles.