Product Specification

Product Specification
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Smart Gypsum Board which is our flagship product contains Gypsum and an incombustible core covered with extra tough paper on both sides providing it strength and durability. The manufacturing of Smart Gypsum Board is in coherence with ASTM standards such as ASTM C472, C473, C474 D3763. Developed with superior quality raw materials and precision engineering, […]

Smart Tiles encompass a non-combustible gypsum core, bound by tough paper on both sides. They are available in vast range of exquisite vinyl laminates which are unique due to their attractiveness along with cost-efficiency and durability.

Smart Grid suspended ceiling system (T-bar) is manufactured using galvanized steel coated with zinc to prevent corrosion through rusting. The underlying side of this bar has a thick polyester coating making it durable and sturdy to withstand climatic changes.

it is imperative for a quality product such as Smart Gypsum board to be jointed expertly and finished smoothly. Smart Filler Ready mixture provides a solution for perfect flush jointing and finishing. Smart filler compound is a pre-mixed solution of plaster boards and ceilings. It has adhesive properties and dries to a hard, smooth surface […]