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After spending the past 12 years within Gypsum Industry, I feel privileged to be writing this message as I have witnessed much change over the past two decades.

Our Company’s core mission is to solve construction related challenges with an enduring technological acumen. This principle has been evident since the establishment of our corporation when we laid the base to build a premium quality gypsum manufacturing company.

The values we share are embodied in what goes on at United Gypsum from day to day. Team members are expected to exhibit ethical and client-centric behavior. United Gypsum offers a safe, healthy workplace for all the employees. We believe that in such an environment, sound decision making and dedication flow naturally from the give-and-take of daily business engagements among all team members.

Looking ahead, we are focused on accelerating the execution of our growth strategy while continuing to build on the strength of United Gypsum’s brand— helping our clients by sharing knowledge and creating innovation.


United Gypsum operates in a manner of continual improvement by ensuring that our products and services are of the highest achievable quality.

Our focal point is to provide superior gypsum products bringing decisive, economical and dynamic benefits to our clients with each day, thus maximizing the sense of reliability for our company.

To solve construction related challenges with an enduring technological acumen.

United Gypsum aims to become the largest manufacturer of Gypsum products and related accessories in South Asia region leveraging our position as a cost-effective producer and provider of client-centric solutions

A Company With A Proud Past And A Bright Future!

United Gypsum Team is quick to address any kind of technical issues caused by environmental factors. Their top management is always involved in ensuring that necessary measures are taken to keep the gypsum product life intact for a longer period.