5 Stunning Ceiling Ideas To Uplift Your Living Room

False ceiling patterns, also referred as the fifth walls, are elements of architecture that combine appearance with function. A ceiling is deficient without a decorative attribute that emphasizes it, just as any structure of architecture is insufficient without roofing systems.
Even basic artificially created ceilings can add a striking element to the interior designs. Although not as a paramount characteristic of architecture and design, false ceilings have been around for decades as a well known attribute.
However, in recent times, this ‘fifth wall’ emerged to be acknowledged as one of the primary architectural details. The latest construction and technology breakthroughs have enabled an extensive range of structures, surfaces and strategies in artificial ceiling styles for hallways, sleeping quarters and cooking areas, amongst various other locations.
Moreover, it is a well known fact that Plaster of Paris and Gypsum Boards are commonly utilized for false ceiling layouts as they are versatile and can yield distinctive variations.
Now, the question arises about the attributes that one must look for in order to choose a basic yet appealing decorative ceiling for the living space? If you’re looking for an answer, keep scrolling.


1. Designs for Neat Ceiling Trays


A basic neat ceiling tray structure is a simple, sophisticated artificial ceiling form for family rooms, corridors, and numerous other settings. This design’s cuts are much lower than the others, facilitating the other complementary decorations to take center stage. Furthermore, soft ambient lighting creates comprehensive detail.


2. Designs for Layered Tray Ceilings 

The neat tray design as described above, is complemented by layered tray ceiling patterns. These are fantastic hallway false ceiling designs. Without any further enhancements, the numerous trays or layers bring about a three-dimensional ripple pattern. To convey grandeur and abundance, take advantage of rope illuminations or recessed lighting in conjunction with a prominent chandelier.

3. Designs for Recessed Ceilings

The basic recessed false ceiling designs feature limits that are coved. These offer a simple approach to the fifth wall while still retaining a sense of splendor and value. These feature simple pieces that unite to make enigmatic shapes. However, when paired with an innovate lighting arrangement, such designs may completely reinvent your living space.
For clarity of the architectural image, you might consider using lighting fixtures that dangle from the center, as well as an array of recessed ceiling illuminations to complement the scene. This design is visually appealing while still maintaining a basic precision.

4. Designs for Suspended False Ceilings

Such an artificial ceiling design can be a magnificent contrast to a ceiling tray or recessed ceiling patterns. Cove illumination with LED string lighting can be paired with the centerpiece in the form of a simple chandelier. This adds to the distinctive character of the fifth wall layout. 
In addition, to achieve a mild hue without monopolizing any attribute, use minimalistic color variations.

5. Designs for Geometric Patterns on Ceilings 

Geometric patterns such as squares, triangles, circles, and even hollowed out patterns may be employed for such an artificial layout. Simple artificial ceiling patterns in living spaces, sleeping areas, and rooms designed for kids can create a cheerful, eccentric ambiance in your own residence.

6. Designs for Anchor Ceilings

This is a complementary feature to the thermal resistance that you can get your hands on for a splendid interior design. At United Gypsum, such products are composed of ultra-lightweight components and can remain anchored with the structures beneath them which in most cases are the true ceilings. 
Such gypsum board artificial ceilings are exceptional at trapping heat between the genuine and faux layers. As a result, you’ll be able to lower your air conditioning expenditure, and the same is true for the heating systems during the cooler months of the year.

Ending Note 

Although a range of basic false ceiling designs are available in the market, United Gypsum offers Gypsum Board and related products that can adapt to variety of false ceiling layouts. To cherry-pick the best gypsum product for your residence interior, reach out to us via our website and let us assist you.