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Smart TilesTM contain a non-combustible gypsum core, bound by tough paper on both sides. They are available in a vast range of exquisite vinyl laminates, which are unique due to their attractiveness as well as cost-efficiency and durability.

The vinyl foils are classified as Class "2" in the Flame Spread Test according to the British Standard 476 Part 7: 1971. Smart Tile can be supplied in: Front PVC laminated with Paper Backing & Front PVC laminated with polished Aluminium Foil Backing.

Vinyl Laminated Smart TileTM

Smart TilesTMcomes in high quality Vinyl Laminates, available in embossed, plain and printed patterns, that can be placed to either match or be in contrast with the decorative pattern or layout of the surrounding area. The vinyl surface can be cleaned easily, reflects ample light and needs no further ornamentation.

Foiled Backed Smart TileTM

Smart Tile backliners are joined to a unique sheet of aluminium foil which impedes the flow of heat, acts as an efficacious vapour retarder and reflects back thermal radiation effectively. It is ideal for usage on top floors of commercial and residential buildings that are affected by heat and sunlight to a great extent.

Trim (Square) edge Recommended
Suitable for T-Bar Ceilings. No jointing required.

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