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Gypsum is a natural mineral which is composed of calcium sulfatedihydrate (CaSO4.2H2O). When heated at a high temperature, its crystal structure loses water to produce calcium sulfatehemihydrate (CaSO4.½H2O), also known as Plaster of Paris, a casting plaster, which is in the form of a fine white powder.This happens according to the chemical equation:

CaSO4.2H2O -> CaSO4.½H2O + 1½H2O.

The performance and formation of high quality Plaster of Paris depends significantly on Gypsum selection and manufacturing methods, as well as on the structure and size of its crystals.

SmartCaster dry mix is multipurpose and has numerous uses ranging from private to business purposes. these include the making of plaster casts, moulds, intricate metal parts of instruments, dental stone, surgical splints. it is also used in the ceramics industry and in mending or restoration of drywalls.

Special fertilizer grade also available: The utilization of gypsum is becoming increasingly important in farming and cultivation for the enhancement of heavy clay soils. It is an incredible source of sulfur which increases crop production by improving the nourishment of plants. Gypsum is used to treat soils for acidity and aluminium toxicity and also to acquire a favourable soil structure by promoting flocculation and structural development in dispersed, sodic soils. It is a source of soluble calcium, which is required to improve soil aggregation and permeability so as to ensure adequate water penetration into the soil.


SmartCaster™ Plaster of Paris is great for making plaster casts!

Applications: Ideal for making moulds, decorations, ceramics , gifts and drywall repairs.

Getting started

All you need is a bag of SmartCaster Plaster of Paris and a rubber or plastic mould and you are ready to go. You can re-use the mould as many times you want and if you run out of plaster, you can always buy more from any hardware shop.

Tips for using SmartCaster

  • To speed up the process of setting of the plaster, add some gypsum. To slow it down, add a few drops of lemon juice. Remember not to add too much or it will take a long, long time!
  • Get creative! Add some colours and achieve fun and unique results.
  • Waste plaster can be beneficial for your garden. Spread it around in areas with bad drainage and it will disappear after a few weeks while solving all your gardening problems!


Heat-treated gypsum releases a large amount of heat when mixed with water and can cause serious burns, hence we recommend that while the mixture is curing, contact with bare skin should be avoided. Plaster of Paris dries quickly so be careful not to leave your hand in the mixture once it starts to set or else the part of body in contact with the mixture might get severely injured and may require surgical removal of the affected tissue.

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